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Friday, June 5, 2020

Diet of newborn baby to 12 months old baby

Hello parents!
We all know that The best food for a newborn baby is always her mother's milk.

Food for newborn

Mother's milk is pure, adulterated and full of all nutrients. The child remains fortified by taking it in the correct amount. Its drinking creates an emotional bond between mother and child. Breast milk contains immunoglobulin (protective protein) which protects the child from external infection. Some mothers also provide boiled water, fruit juice and glucose water in this delicate period of childhood which is not necessary. Breast milk removes diseases and allergies from the child's body. The child who drinks mother's milk regularly has a very low chance of getting a disease like asthma. A newborn younger than 34 weeks is a little less alert to drink mother's milk, so the mother needs to give express breast milk to the baby. In 3 months of onset, the mother's diet also affects the child's health. Therefore, after delivery the woman should take special care and balance her diet. If the mother does not make milk properly in the breast or has any problem, then she shows a lack of iron in the body. For three months, the child needs iron the most.

Food for a child of 3 to 6 months

After three months, other iron-rich food can also be started, which is being discussed further. Feeding of a child of 3-6 months, from this age of the child, his body needs plenty of nutrients. During this period, the food of the infant does not depend on the milk of the mother, but also gets converted into some solid food such as cooked food. It should be started by giving the child ceralac, which should be mashed properly and given to the child at small intervals, which will provide the child with sufficient nutrients for the development of the body. Gradually, try to give the child something new in the afternoon that can be easily digested. Thus, the child should be encouraged in the food served. When you start feeding the baby something new, it should be given for at least one week, and only after giving it for two weeks, you should give something new. By giving anything new food, the child may have indigestion initially. Cooking ragi powder, semolina or raw banana powder in sugar and milk is also beneficial. Take care not to give the child this food in the bottle, make it a habit to feed the food with a spoon so that the child does not have to be fed by the solid food later on and the palate starts working. When the child gets a little bigger, then we can feed him well cooked rice and curd. When the child starts digesting it properly, he should be fed khichdi, which should be made from rice and moong dal. The child should also be given soup and light digestible vegetables and fruits at this age, once a day as supplemental food. The lack of sufficient amount of breast milk in the child's body from fruits and vegetables removes iron deficiency. The fruit given to the child should be fully ripe. If the child is taken care of well then his weight doubles in 5 months of his birth.

Food for a child of 6-8 months

After 6 months, children prefer to eat solid food. By this time, children should start giving fruits, vegetables. At this age, children become very naughty, they take food with themselves, they should be encouraged to keep this habit in their mind. After six months, the baby's teeth start coming out. At this time there is erritation in their teeth and to calm that eruption, they put anything in the mouth and keep it in the mouth. This makes them prone to diarrhea. To reduce this habit, give the child a biscuit or toast which he can suck and do not chew. The child should boil boiled potatoes and give it plain, if desired, add a drop of light salt and lemon juice to it. Apart from this, many other vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, pumpkin and spinach should also be boiled properly and mixed with salt and feed the child. The child can also grind idli, dhokla, chapati etc. in milk. At this age the egg can be started to be given to the child. Feeding 3 to 4 eggs a week is healthy.

Food for 9-10 month old baby

When the child is 9-10 months old, you can also feed him fish, chicken, and meat. But it should be well cooked and soft, do not forget this part for the child by mistake. As long as 500 ml per day is found in the child's body. Milk keeps on reaching till then there is lack of other nutrients in the body. 

Food for child of 11 to 12 months

After 11 months, the baby's weight decreases or remains located before. When the child is one year old, its weight becomes three times from the time of birth. Growing children should be given milk, biscuits and fruit juice etc. from time to time. A mixed balanced diet removes the deficiencies in the child's body.

One should include Fruits, vegetables, grains in the diet of a year old baby. We have to feed them multiple times with small amount of food like veg poha, khichdi, smothies, fruit curd, chappati with vegetable and milk.

So parents take care of yourself as well as of your baby and focus on a balanced diet to fulfill all the nutrient requirements of the body.

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