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Saturday, May 16, 2020

My experience with the menstrual cup

My experience with the menstrual cup
Hello everyone!

This post is for you mommies. I don't want to hurt daddies, you can share the post with your wives to make their lives easier and to save environment.

This type of discussions don’t really happen publicly and so the converted smugly carry on quietly wearing them, without ever really mentioning it. But with an increasing amount of talk about periods thanks to The Pink Protest and #Free Periods movement, I’m hoping that now is the time for Menstrual cups to finally become mainstream.
I knew about these cups before, but always hesitated to use them and switching to a menstrual cup remained on my to-do list for a long time. I am a girl who used only sanitary napkins for whole 22 years. As you know, It's how much difficult to try something new when it comes to place something new inside your body. I am an Indian where people generally, don't talk about all this openly.
And also there were so many doubts like loosing virginity or loose vaginal muscles...and blah blah..blah..
OK, I know you are thinking that what kind of rubbish I am talking about. But that's what I really feel about the cups before marriage.
For me the perfect time to use menstrual cups came after having a child with normal delivery i.e. before three years. Now, I have two children. Both from normal delivery.
So in an attempt to further convince you of how cool they really are (and how the women who wear them aren’t weirdos),

I am sharing the reasons why they’re so damn amazing based on my personal experience…

  • No extra layer
  • Eco friendly
  • No rashes
  • No smell
  • No leaking problem
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to carry
  • Economical
You can use a cup for 8 to 12 hours continuously depending on the flow and can be used up to 10 years.

  • No need to go to change 6 to 8 times in a day.

Beat to try during lock down

Nowadays, many countries are going through lock down period. These are extremely helpful when access to period products may be limited. And being home is the perfect time to try a menstrual cup for the first time.
Aside from being easier to pack for a visit, menstrual cups will be the best alternative to single-use period products regarding each the environment and private finances.
Compared with twelve pads or twelve tampons per period over ten years, the utilization of a menstrual cup only costs about five or seven percent, respectively. Meaning that an individual’s period could cost ninety percent less when using a menstrual cup.
In addition to the bang-for-your-buck price, a menstrual cup has been shown to be much more environment friendly. The similar study showed that menstrual cups additionally turn out over ninety percent less plastic waste when compared to tampons and pads. In a little means, transitioning to a menstrual cup is permitting me to feel a lot of  peace with my relation to the environment.
So, that’s all terribly convincing, however what concerning actually about using a menstrual cup?
I’m not planning to sugarcoat it: It wasn’t love at a initial sight for me and my cup—but I used to be excited to do it out. I additionally was surprisingly excited for my period to come, which is the initial time, I felt that way.
My experience with the menstrual cup

When I used the menstrual cup for the first time

When I ordered my  Menstrual cup from Amazon, An manual and a cloth bag to carry the menstrual cup were both got delivered in a box beneath the cup and were just as beautifully designed. Opening up my Cup was like unwrapping a new toy...
On tone or two days before my period, I put my brand-new cup into a small pot of boiling water for five minutes to sanitize it. Once sanitized and cooled, the cup was ready to be used. On the initial day of my period, I sat in the private comfort of my bathroom at home, having instruction manual in hand, and tried to figure out how to insert this thing into my body. I took the help of the you tube and focused to stay calm and relaxing, which helps the vaginal muscles to relax and to make insertion easier.
Then, since the Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours, I just went on with my day—which is mostly just involved moving around to different rooms of the house and to my work place. I also took a ride on our stationary bike and three hours drive in a cab to give my menstrual cup an extra challenge. Thankfully, it passed—no leaks or discomfort whatsoever. I did an identical routine for the next three days and that I would have most forgotten that I had a menstrual cup in if it weren’t for the fact that this was the most exciting thing happening in my life during the cycle. I typically have a regular flow and go through about  3 to 4 sanitary napkins a day. 

Emptying the cup after each use was a breeze because I could simply dump the day’s flow out into the flush and wash it in private.
This is the best thing I have done for myself. And Now I think why shouldn't I used it before. It's so good.

Ladies you must try this. Girl of any age can try this as it comes in different sizes for different bodies But every mom should definitely give this a try, As we have many other things to get stress and, there is no need to carry more regarding napkins and, all.
Share your experiences of using the menstrual cup for the first time with me. Stay connected with me through comment box or contact form.
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